Dont quit!

There is a time even for the fittest professional that they just want to stop. That is when you have to push yourself harder than before. Working out has become not only a way of life for me but a motivation, a way to release inner stresses, and an escape from daily crap we have to put up with from people. I think I have heard more excuse on why not to workout then why to workout and it gets to me. I have been struggling with my knees for about six months now but I am not letting that stop me or keep me from getting it. Pain is temporary but the results will last and be so worth that hour of pain. Now don’t get me wrong don’t break bones or put yourself in the hospital but those little aches and pain we all feel when we get older, repeat after me IT IS TEMPORARY! Keep working, meet those goals, ONE HOUR a day will get you there. Want more than an I, I do.. make it happen. If I can do it so can you! DONT QUIT! How bad do you want it, that my friend is what it all comes down to… ME.. I want it and I am not going to let anything keep me from reaching my goals. Your worth it! Eat Clean…Train Mean… Get Lean!!!

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