Benefits of Fasting

Benefits of Fasting

Believe it or not the benefits of fasting are plenty even though we sometimes have a hard time abstaining from food for more than a few days. Click on the picture above and read on the great benefits fasting and cleansing can have on the body. While out bodies were made with the greatest precision by the Creator and we have cleansing organs it is still very healthy to try a 3 to 5 day juice cleanse, or you may even opt for the 10 day Master Cleanse in which you have no food or drinks except for the “lemonade” from the cleanse recipe, water and herbal tea for a full ten days. The first few days of a fast or cleanse are the hardest and make you feel the worst because our bodies are getting rid of the toxin within us, however after the first two or three days you have a refreshed feeling and great energy. There are people that shouldn’t cleanse or fast however so if you are pregnant or nursing, have diabetes, or any other health problems please consult your physician before beginning any cleanse or fast. Check out the article it has some amazing information and will encourage you to begin cleansing.

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