Don’t Give Up!

All this week we have been talking about eating clean! I really encourage that and want to include that into this next week, but mostly this week I want to encourage everyone to get a healthy lifestyle going. This world we live in is filled with easy convenient ways to eat, to lose weight, so many fad diets and ways of making you think you can lose weight and get in shape without working out. That is simply not true. Sure there are ways to lose weight without exercising, but let me tell you this right now, just because you are thin does NOT mean you are in shape. Get motivated, do whatever it takes to get to where you want to be, nobody ever said that being fit and looking good is easy, its is hard work but you cant give up, you have to have perseverance. Something worth having is worth working for and so take it from me and follow Mr. Plitt’s advice, just start, tack that day one picture up and just go. Because failure is even better than what if! Get it in! Eat Clean, Train Mean, Get Lean! Just go for it and DONT GIVE UP!

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