Weight Loss Mistakes

Weight Loss Mistakes

Losing and maintaining a healthy weight is a part of over all health. Some of us seem to lose and then it seems that the needle of the scale refuses to move. Lets face it everyone is different and there are a lot of fad diets that make big promises, but the bottom line is there is only one tried and true method of weight loss. You have to be active and you have to eat less calories than you burn. Learning to find how many calories it takes to just maintain is the key to learning how many calories you should take in. If we over estimate even 200 calories a day, that can put up to 20 extra pound on at the end of a year. So The article today is from prevention magazine and gives us the top seven mistakes people make when dieting. It helped me learn some things and I am going to implement these into my daily routine. Every body is different and we lose weight differently, so don’t get discouraged, keep it moving and try different exercises each day. There are a lot of options you can explore on You Tube. Keep it moving and lets get healthy!

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