Natural Weight Loss VS Surgery

Good Morning! Today we are talking about surgery VS natural weight loss! A common question that I have come across is why diet when I can just have surgery? So here is the answer to that, why have surgery when you can do it on your own? The fact remains that if you have surgery you still have to diet. Your restricting the kinds of foods you can eat, the amount, and your nutrition. Surgery is only good if it is something that is a life or death situation. Gastric bypass surgery literally staples you stomach making it smaller. I have people in my circle that have had the surgery and have lost all the weight to only to have gained it all back plus some because there was no counseling, no nutritional guidance, or help before, during, and after the surgery. If you have to learn to eat healthy and exercise even having the surgery, why not just adopt those habits and lose weight without limiting yourself. In addition you will have to be on multivitamins because the amount of food you will be allowed to eat per day about three tablespoon will not give you the nutrition you need to meet you daily values. I have made the choice to lose weight naturally, I have lost 175 lbs at of today, I have learned to eat healthy, I move daily, and I don’t limit myself. If I want to have something sweet or perhaps a small latte, I have it but I know it has to be in moderation and it has to be in conjunction with my workouts, you have to burn more calories that you take in. It can be done without the expense of surgery, without cutting and marking your body, without limiting what you can and cant have. Surgery is only a quick fix and will NOT last if you don’t adopt the lifestyle of a healthy slim person, and if you want to do that why not take all the credit for your weight loss and don’t let a doctor have that. This should be YOUR victory! I am here, write to me I can help. I can encourage you, guide you, and make sure your on a natural healthy path to losing weight. Let me be your health and nutrition coach, and you take the credit for losing weight! Remember get it in and get moving! Ciao

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