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Good Afternoon. Today I would like to talk a little about fitness apps. Everyone needs help from time to time when it comes to weight loss because lets face it, losing weight is HARD! The one thing I have got on my phone that helps me stay on track is a fitness app. There are plenty of great apps out there. I like to use LOSE IT! This app is free and will keep progress of your calories, fats, carbs, sodium, and many other food related nutrients that you put in your body. This app also tracks your workouts, how many pounds you lose, how many pounds you need to lose to meet your goals. These little apps make losing weight a little easier to manage especially for those of us that are busy running around taking care of our families, full time jobs, and running a home. As women we tend to want to take on the world and think of ourselves lastly, so when it comes to taking care of us and our nutrition it doesn’t cross our minds until the pants are a bit too tight or we are sitting in the doctors office wondering where that extra twenty pounds came from? My advice that has worked best for me is to take time to take care of you, if your not around who will take care of your family? Its time ladies, get to work, and get the workouts in, healthy eating will become easier and easier, and these little apps on our phones will make things just a bit easier to keep track of all that we consume. Keep up all your good work and Ill be checking back in! Image

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