Dr Oz Health Tips.

ImageHappy Friday Gurls! So today I wanted to kind begin with some weight loss tips. There is one person that I really like to take advice from is Dr. Oz. I like his advice because he does things the natural and healthy way. He has a list of 100 tips, I don’t want to overwhelm anyone so I am going to list them ten at a time. So here are the first ten my notes will be in the parenthesis after the tip:

  • Automate your eating by planning your meals ahead of time. That way  you’re less likely to make an unhealthy last-minute food choice. (This is a great tip, I know there have been plenty of times Ill ask my husband what he would like for dinner and when he doesn’t have something particular in mind I usually end up making a bad choice with fast food. The best way to avoid that and to save yourself time in the kitchen is to have a menu. Plus you can cook ahead and freeze. Saves time and lets face it not eating out saves money as well.)
  • Oats are your friends! Eating a cup of oatmeal in the morning will prevent you from gorging in the afternoon. ( oatmeal feels you up keeps you satisfied most the morning so you can concentrate and stay on track for lunch, even if you work outside the home.)
  • Foods with healthy fats such as olives, salmon and walnuts help you feel satisfied.
  • Skipping meals can cause your body to go into a fat-storing starvation mode, making it harder to burn calories.(never skip a meal, even if you want to cut back, try doing a protein shake or bar, or even try a fruit or veggie juice, Ill have recipes for those coming soon!)
  • Got nuts with nuts. Eating a handful of nuts will help you stay full. Try soaking them in water for a different texture. (Almonds and Pistachios are the best!)
  • Use meditation to help you cope with chronic stress, which can lead you to crave feel-good carbs.(I use meditation for relaxation too. This is relaxing and takes your mind off food eliminating cravings.)
  • You may be used to fried foods but there are other, sometimes  healthier, ways to cook including: roasting, steaming, poaching, baking,  braising and broiling. (We like grilling as well, it is healthier too. If your accustom to eating fried foods, take it one day at a time and the longer you go without fried foods the better you will feel, the more weight you will lose, and it will lower cholesterol levels too.!)
  • Do your grocery shopping with a list and a time limit; that way, you’re less likely to stray into the processed foods section.( going into the grocery store unprepared will lead to unhealthy comfort food purchases, keep a list of what you need, get that and leave before you give into your cravings.)
  • Don’t confuse thirst with hunger. Drink a glass of water when you feel hungry to see if that’s what you’re really craving. (Drink plenty of water, water has a lot of health benefits including healthier glowing skin and hair, fill me another glass please!!!)
  • When out at a restaurant, ask the server to hold the bread, snack mix or chips and salsa that might come before the meal. If you’re hungry, you’ll be tempted. (I always ask to see if the restaurant has a lunch menu to order from it usually comes with less food and only cost a few dollars more than the lunch price, this will save money and give you less food to eat. WIN!)

So these tips will help you and I will be posting more in the coming days as well as some exercise videos. Hope to hear from you guys! Go ahead and comment and let me know what topics you want to hear about.

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